About Me

My first memories as a child are not on a sports field or a dance studio; mine are in an art classroom. I have always been fascinated with color, precise design and the rewarding feeling of creating something out of nothing.

My name is Alyson Herzog and I am a graphic designer and hand letterer in Houston, Texas. My approach and design processes are traditional and regimented. I like to know the details and nature of a project in order to create a very organized, realistic plan on how to tackle its creation. Never short on creative ideas, I let my imagination run wild with a keen eye for detail and sharp execution.

As a native Texan, I attended Texas A&M where I studied Visualization with a minor in Art & Architecture History. I am a quick learner with an endlessly curious mind. From mastering WordPress and creating websites (including dipping my toes into the world of coding) to teaching hand lettering courses, I take pride in the fact that I can do a bit of everything. I have had experience working for marketing firms and have a strong knowledge of the promotional product and apparel industry as well as experience working for a thriving print company. 

Still curious? Read more below about what makes me different!

Type Layout

Some may call it obsessive, I call it precision. I don’t just slap text on a design, I intentionally create type arrangements in a visually pleasing way.

Project & File Setup

With extreme attention to detail, I keep files so organized that anyone could pick up where I left off. You will never have to worry about receiving final1, final1final, finalfinalfinalfinalfinalfinal files from me. Everything is clearly dated and filed appropriately.

Flexibility & Growth

I work hard to prove myself. In almost every job I’ve held, I’ve started from entry level positions and grown to manager or director. In order to do this, I never stop learning, and I know how to pivot and readjust without difficulty.

Hobbies & Interests

Hand Lettering


Package Design





Motion Graphics

Digital Painting

Live Music

Food Food Food

Tidbits & Bragging Rights

AMA Crystal Awards 2018

2x Finalist, 1x Winner

33rd Annual Educational Advertising Awards 2018

2x Merit Winner

AIGA Design Loop Mentor Program 2015


PIGC Awards 2014 & 2015

Design Finalist

AIGA Houston Chapter Member




DECA International Competitor

2009 Ad Campaign

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient